Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Power of Intermittent Fasting

Lately I've put on more weight than ever in my life. It's my fantastic cooking naturally. I have been able to tuck away ginormous saucepans of amazing home cooked food and load the plates up with rice too, and then just keep grazing all day frankly. I can't leave my own cooking alone.

Like everyone, I didn't want to stop eating as it's a reward mechanism. However, a friend has been raving about intermittent fasting. It's so simple that it doesn't make sense to begin with, but once you understand how simple it is, it's quite an extraordinary concept. It also costs fuck all, saves money and works quicker than anything.

I've gone the full monty and just stopped eating so I'm going to see how long I can last without food (second day so far) and then I'll switch to the intermittent fasting, but I've seen the fastest results already. I find watching the videos keeps me focussed.

I've also given up smoking again so I'm constantly looking for distractions but it's an interesting combination giving up food and smoking at the same time.

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Bourne Identity Official Trailer (2002) HD

Fourteen years later I finally get round to watching the movie. This was only because I know something about the character. He's playing a programmed multiple. That's MK-Ultra for the curious and can be explored in the tag below.

I don't usually watch this kind of thing but Matt Damon is superb. His girlfriend puts in a great performance too. Guess i'll have to download the other three now. 

Programmed multiples can be mind controlled to be professors, sex slaves and most curiously for those who drill down into the subject; Satanist High Priestesses but then you have to sniff around genetics to learn more on that, and most people have no time to explore reality.

Satanism and Satanic Child Abuse - Kerth Barker

Kerth Barker's story strikes me as a credible MK-Ultra testimonial. It's always difficult with survivors as their memories are programmed with misleading information but his narrative, works for me in the broadest sense. His books some say, lack credibility, and others recommend. He talks a fair bit about the close relationship between Satanism and MK-ultra survivors.

There's also an interview with Kevin Barrett and the one below if you can stomach the interviewer telling the interviewee about his subject for the first 40 minutes till he remembers he's there to listen.