Thursday, 20 July 2017

Does AntiGrav Exist?

Franken Skies - Full Length Documentary - Directors Cut

Southampton Chemtrails 
Southampton Chemtrails

Southampton Chemtrails 

Southampton Chemtrails 

I'm not particularly invested in the Chemtrail subject. Once I learned of it in Asia I put time into observing the skies and saw very little evidence of it in that part of the world, though when I did see it, it was clear the trails had a different quality from the contrails we expect to see from planes. They billow from the rear of the plane as opposed to materialize but it takes a few weeks of observation to discern this.

However, on my return to the UK the thing that has stood out most is the sheer volume of chemtrails in the skies. I have no idea what the spraying program is for though I suspect blocking out the light, for geoengineering purposes is part of the effort as well as possibly spraying humans like cockroaches with barium, aluminium and strontium.

There are very obvious questions to the logistics of spraying the Western world with fine metal particulates on sunny clear days and I don't have all the answer, though I suspect that some trails are an additive to the fuel that were not always included.

The photos above are from Southampton on a clear day near Shirley High Street. Chemtrails are officially described as Geoengineering at UN and CFR presentations.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Beatrice Dillon & Chris Menist - NTS Radio

Southampton Water and Docks from Weston Shore

There's so much terrific music available on Mixcloud and Soundcloud. I tried out Spotify recently in the last few days, but it seems to peddle the mainstream jokers the Illuminati*  like to push on the consumer classes, and which they call artists.

*Or whatever trash-on-humanity-group controls the popular music business.

Rabbi Shmuley Vs Christopher Hitchens

The repugnant racist Rabbi Scmuley gets Hitchslapped for an hour or so.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Poker Flat Recordings - Dario D'Attis - Solera EP

The Mouseketeers

Somewhere between Disney Princess Programming and the Mouseketeers (Mickey Mouse Club) is a very bad smell.

Monday, 17 July 2017

I'm A Russian Agent

Every day the media's reputation tanks a little more and memes have been the most powerful weapon in that fight. This is ironic given that memes are primarily an advertising trick of combing text with visuals. 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Global Hyenas Circle Venezuela

Venezuela has had everything thrown at it by the globalist vultures. The CIA tried assassination, Pentagon advisors, NGO agent provocateurs, currency wars, Wall Street, Neocon hyenas, Zionist media, fake progressives and sponsored violence. It is a miracle how they've survived and the silence from the fake left is deafening.

The media even refers to the Neocon Neoliberal Zionist opposition plant as Henri Capriles instead of Radonski which is his real name.

444 Hangover

Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Bigger Splash

If it wasn't for Ralph Fiennes extraordinary performance this movie would have fallen flat on it's face. It's still worth watching.

I'm Back on Facefuck

Most people know that they're being lied to, and from personal experience I estimate about half of them would rather pretend it's not happening and take the small balls way out and blame Donald Trump (who is admittedly a douchebag), and thus side with the CIA, FBI, Hillary Clinton, the Machine, the toxic warmongering genocidal corporate media and smear Wikileaks, rather than have a go at the real power behind the throne.

I'm back on Facefuck. 

I've had day, week and month-long bans for the most innocuous of posts so I assumed this latest account disabling due to impersonation or something was the final nail in the coffin. They have however, accepted I am who I say I am. Here's the post that earned me a month long ban. 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Herbert Marcuse - The Frankfurt School

It's fashionable now within the alt-research community AKA information terrorists, to lay the blame of contemporary moral bankruptcy at the door of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism. There's clearly some basis in this argument and indeed, many contemporary intellectuals and (qu)ackademics are determined to push forward a minorities agenda that is all about furthering one minority while undermining both the majority, and in the long run, the collective of under represented minorities they exploit such as LGBTI, feminist and ethnic groups.

The flaw in the argument against the Frankfurt school is they established themselves in pre-war Nazi Germany which is about the worst place in the world to launch a critical theory movement that fought for minority rights. There's no escaping that given the winners of WWII had yet to be determined there's little chance anybody could have logically planned the Frankfurt School's flight to, and success in, late 60's USA.

I could also offer a counter claim. The idea that a Berkeley professor who subsequently argued against the (winners of WWII) military industrial complex and planned obsolescence in consumer culture couldn't be removed from his academic post is just silly given any professor today knows full well not to question basic fairy tales such as 9/11

Marcuse received a ton of hate mail and death threats for his views.

I like Marcuse. 

His words are grounded in logic and good intent. Naturally, any belief system can be weaponised, as indeed it was in 60's' USA, but it's clear that Marcuse was just the decent side of the Ronnie Reagan vs Scruffy Hippy dialectic that was completely stage managed in order to reap the dividends of a cultural war that distracted from the rape of Vietnam and much much more.

There are more key individuals I need to study from the Frankfurt Group in order to determine a rounded opinion, but from this early start I'm already modifying my early snap judgement on the Frankfurt school to something more nuanced, complex and as ever, more interesting.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

60's Social Engineering For Dummies

The critical thing with the 60's as social engineering claim is to be able to entertain two thoughts at the same time. The Beatles/Doors/Grateful Dead can be BOTH entertaining and leveraged by the deep social-engineering state, for reasons that run to war machine profits and taking advantage of natural astrological cycles.

I believe Joseph Atwill's work has merit but I don't think he's read enough spy craft books and doesn't understand that the best assets often have no idea of the work they are facilitated doing on behalf of others. There's a temptation with Boomers to still be binary on issues where plurality works more effectively, and better represents the human experience.

Other than that Joseph keeps on hitting home runs wherever he turns his attention.

The Unfuckers

I would call this a Gen X set. Floyd (God Bless Roger Waters), The Doors and much more. I'm a big fan of Mixmaster Morris sets.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Why No Diversity In The Media?

The same people who demand open borders around the world and diversity in the work place are mathematically over represented in the media while also refusing to discuss Israeli open borders and diversity within Israel. 

I could share the numbers at the New York Times and BBC et al, if anybody disputes the mathematical facts but this clip of Ann Coulter describing CNN's epic Jewish over representation  is indisputable.

Here's another fact. The media is racist and it's Zionist.

Public Dancer

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Monitoring Our Thoughts

Monitoring Our Thoughts - I am Infinite, George Kavassilas on Vimeo.

I'm a great believer that some of our negative thoughts are external to us. Awareness of this is a very powerful tool, and from time to time I find myself rejecting thoughts I believe are not my own, or are not productive to me. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Trump's Zionist Ball & Chain

By coincidence I'm reading Michael Collins Piper's, Final Judgement about the Zionist Israeli connection to JFK's murder, and so I'm somewhat familiar with the Jewish mobsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Seymour Weiss, Mickey Cohen, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) and Al Gruber, many of whom have more contemporary connections to Trump and his property empire, for which it appears he is a front through characters like Roy Cohn.

To be clear, Collins Piper states that the Hollywood Italian mafia were the puppets of the Jewish mafia. Either way they're all criminals.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tall White Tales

I often find it useful to revisit old material. Recently we were discussing Charles Hall's Tall Whites material. Most of my testimony veracity checks are based on gut feeling with a bias towards calmly delivered words that avoid superlatives and tend towards modesty. Most fakers tend towards hyperbole, excessive and extraneous words and tend to be selling something even if it's a solution to loneliness and a need for attention.

I had the opportunity to apply some newly learned statement analysis techniques to Charles Hall's alien encounters in the Nevada desert.

It's clear he's a fantasist. 

Charles is a Fantasist and/or creative fiction writer. If he has a Masters in nuclear physics and was stationed out in the desert as a lowly corporal measuring wind speeds and rain, the most likely explanation is because he was a conscientious objector to war and he used his solitude to dream up a set of fiction books about aliens. His story doesn't add up if we use statement analysis as Richard has demonstrated in recent times. His narrative jumps and changes at critical points when we apprehend that the information he is providing is nonsensical. He contradicts himself over and again and always talks about the Tall Whites in the past tense as if they're already dead and no longer there. As he says "at first I thought I was sleepwalking and dreaming. I refused to accept they were real people, it took me six months to get used to it". I contest that it took him six months to dream up the fiction. His story is useful to military intelligence as a distraction from what is really going on in Nevada.

Toni Erdmann - Movie of 2016?

As I've repeatedly stated on this blog, great movies lift the soul and ask us to examine our own character in the broadest sense. If like me you're not looking for entertainment but for enhanced meaning, Toni Erdmann is off-the-charts-good.

It also has the only nudity scene in cinema that makes total sense. By that I mean we're not inclined to avert our eyes (prurient people excluded) but in some sense to remove our own clothes. For this Toni Erdmann is an extraordinary film. It also explains to us what it means to be a McKinsey consultant, for example, and what it takes to have skin in that game...oh and to be a father and a daughter too.

Great movie.

US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert Goes Full Retard

It doesn't matter who the President is. The State Department is incapable of articulating anything that sounds rational, and Trumps new advisor Heather Nauert is no exception.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Klaus Schulze - The Andromeda Strain

Statement Analysis Expert - Peter Hyatt

Statement analysis is probably the most interesting methodology I've ever come across in terms of robustness, utility and fit for purpose application. I'm considering taking the online course in the subject as the applications for it are vast. 

I first came across the subject by overhearing my father playing Richard D Hall on the McCann's testimony to an Australian TV station. I'd heard their words before and I thought they reeked of dissemblance. However listening to Peter Hyatt translate gut-instinct into a linear and proven methodology is very powerful and I'm now hooked on the subject. 

There's quite a few alternative media testimonials that could be destroyed through this method.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Was Ronald Reagan A Homosexual?

A fellow researcher and I have been discussing the likelihood of Reagan being a programmed multiple and/or homosexual. Cathy O'Brien has claimed he is both, although we always have to be careful with the testimony of an MKULTRA survivor

This latest interview I came across above, does add more credibility to the claims.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Madeleine McCann - Parental Murder Identified Through Statement Analysis

Richard D Hall brings in Statement Analyst Expert Peter Hyatt who works with Institutions like the FBI and Law Enforcement all over the US to determine when people are lying. 

If you haven't seen this information you will be blown away - I'm confident of that. 

It's not so much that the McCanns are lying, it's the critical deconstruction and analysis of their language which proves once and for all that there is something dark at the heart of the McCann story and as usual (for those who have studied Richard D Hall's presentations), it involves British intelligence, British politics, British media and highly likely  involvement of child sexual abuse. 

Rich Planet explains why.

Breaking: ISIS Is Down

ISIS uses the Roman Alphabet for abbreviation and so from this we knew the terrorist group is a British, US and Israeli "strategy of tension" intelligence creation. 

The Mossad Website has been down for about a week now (since I've been checking), so I thought I'd post a screen grab of the old site which openly flaunted its ISIS credentials. The video interview below is of two Israeli authors talking about how Mossad refers to itself as ISIS in communications. 

ISIS is also a the Egyptian Sister of the God Osiris which is an occult reference used by those in the know and not worth going into here. Most people have a very poor grasp of symbolism and mythology of the ruling elite despite it's ubiquitous presence in the statues and architecture in every continent on the planet.

Anyway ISIS is down and that's a good thing. I concur that as Kissinger leaked some years ago, Israel will not last as we know it. It seems at some point that Zionist Jews are going to be forced to learn that they have, are, and always will be willing dupes and patsies for whatever is in charge, until they learn to examine their own mythology creation such as the establishment of the State of Israel by the Rothschilds and the holocostly mythology with its banal chamber-gas that leaks everywhere but reality.

Choice is in their hands but I think I know a toxic and self destructing culture when I see it. The eternal victim complex is in my experience too attached to its story telling to saddle up and do the hard work.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

In Plain Sight - The Life & Times of Jimmy Savile

In Plain Sight - The Life & Times of Jimmy Savile

It's easy to demonize Jimmy Savile even though the same people who claim to hate him are by and large ignorant and loudly silent on his full spectrum including the necrophilia, the Satanism, the little boys (as well as girls), his work for SIS (MI5 and MI6), his super tight relationship with the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher, or even his homosexual relationship with child predator and mayor of Scarborough Peter Jaconelli

They're even buried in the same cemetery but nobody wants to connect the dots.

Jimmy Savile was a mirror of the super elite establishment's behaviour when evaluating how they conduct their lives. There's no boundaries for this milieu, and that applies to Lord Mountbatten as much as Edward VIII (though no children involved) and Prince Philip. The pattern is quite clear when researching this part of the 1%, though Saviles necrophilia seems to have been an exotic taste too far for even his peers.

The book, In Plain Sight by Dan Davies is disappointing. It does highlight that Savile really was a remarkable man who was a succesful bicycle racing competitor, wrestler, DJ, marathon runner and general psycho-sadist 'will-to-power' kind of guy. 

Unpleasant as he was there's no denying he lived 20 lives where most live half of one.

However, the book is limp-wristed is when it comes to basic human intelligence and curiosity about how he moved with ease through the highest circles in the land despite the usual national security checks? 

It's rape after rape after rape and then just a glancing mention of his best elite establishment mates who he would never have been in the same room with if it wasn't with the sanction, encouragement and approval of MI5, Special Branch and Scotland Yard/Metropolitan Police not to mention West Yorkshire Police with whom he had a weekly breakfast meeting group every Friday.

There are some curious points worth highlighting in the book.

Myra Hindley & Jimmy Savile

We now know through David McGahon's research the unsettling connections between the (deep) state and serial killers, I believe it's safe to conclude there's more to Savile and the Moors Murderers as described above. Couple this with Savile's very memorable visits to Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor and I feel strongly there's a lot more to these stories than that which has been outlined in the media and mainstream books on the subject.

I also feel there's much more to Nicky Campbell OBE, than he or Savile ever let on. I've been told this privately by a reasonably well known TV pundit who I believe is credible. I note that Nicky peddles the discredited establishment line on 9/11 and is richly rewarded by the same establishment that venerated Jimmy Savile with an Order of the British Empire. Almost the sine qua non of establishment paedophiles.

Savile OBE & Nicky Campbell OBE

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Klaus Schulze | Continuum

Charles Edward Frith

I don't often use the word Kontinuum as I usually use the English Spelling.

Targeted Individuals Testimony - Gangstalking | Bioethics Commission

To immerse oneself in the world of targeted individuals and gang stalking is to live in what most people would think is a science fiction future. I'm here to share with you it's real, documented, vicious and far more nuanced and complex than any single victim can convey. 

It's happening right now too.

For example I learned recently through research and first hand testimony there's a difference between voice to skull (V2S) and synthetic telepathy. I'm reluctant to explain that right now but happy to answer any questions through private messages.

About 24-18 months ago in Thailand over a series of Skype calls I realised one of my oldest friends had become a targeted individual. At first I thought it was paranoia on her part, but eventually the tell tale signs and cold hard testimony could no longer be ignored.

I couldn't believe I now knew somebody who was a victim, and suspected that possibly my activism work might be a connection? However I'm now fairly certain that my close friend came too close to criminal underworld elements through a boyfriend, and so this confirms that the technology has leaked from the intelligence agencies, to corporations to criminal elements as has been documented elsewhere.

Very few people believe a targeted individual as we're trained to respond that a person is insane or schizophrenic if they start to share their experiences. However I urge you to listen to the Bioethics Commission testimony above that I first mentioned many years ago and now have to revisit because as is self evident, the chairwoman Amy Gutmann did fuck all to stick her neck out for thousands of victims across the USA and now it's spreading globally.

You owe it to yourself to do the work above before making snap judgements. The program is so pernicious that when a TI gets on the list it's almost impossible to get off it. 

Otherwise the perpetrators have to admit their crimes, and the creeps at SIS and CIA don't do that.

We now have to wait for the justice-technology to catch up with the abusers technology. In the mean time I've learned a lot about techniques to lend succour to those whose lives are a living fucking hell.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Ricochet - Tangerine Dream (1975) Full album

I'm listening to a lot of Tangerine Dream lately.

Bilderberger - Prince Bernhard & The Windsors

In the War of the Windsors book by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, we learn that founding Bilderberger and SS member, Prince Bernhard (also alleged paedosadist), was the only security risk German not interned during the war.

The key question for me is how the Royals were pro Nazi until it was no longer viable as Churchill was pushing for war due to Chartwell running costs and his cigar, gambling and drinking debts being paid off by the Focus group who were another front for the Zionists... The True Victors of WWII.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Trauma Based Mind Control = Multiple Identity Disorder OR Dissociative Identity Disorder

The list of groups that know the art of Trauma Based Mind Control includes but isn't limited to the CIA, Nazi Doctors in WWII work camps, the Illuminati and ordinary coven Satanists. The psychiatric profession is also complicit in concealing this knowledge by rebranding it from multiple personality disorder to dissociative identity disorder and then smearing the victims with "false memory syndrome". However as these documentaries show there are good people inside the system.

The information presented is excellent because we even get a glimpse of demonic entity programming, which is something I've come across quite a few times in the literature on the subject, and of course in multiple interviews available on the web for those who wish to research the first hand testimony outside of the documentary format. It is not important whether you believe in these entities, you are not the victim, though you might want to observe the woman who needs to remove her ordinary identity glasses for her childlike identity in the supermarket to see the products on the shelf. Nobody can explain this supernatural phenomenon, or indeed the ability of alt identities to speak languages they have never learned.

Multiple Identity Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (Dissociative mind states as a result of trauma and torture such as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)) is a weapon in the hands of the wrong people. These videos are of victims who weren't necessarily meant to be programmed mind control victims as they were all sexually abused as children and learned dissociative states to cope with the suffering of being raped. However that dissociative state is where the programming work begins in the hands of groups that require different alters such as Beta Sex Slaves, Kitten Programming, Monarch Mind Control and so forth.

The key point is that the condition can be a result of deliberate programming or just a by-product of trauma such as child sexual abuse. This is why the intelligence agencies are most interested in sexually abused children. They get the blackmail out of the matrix and the mind controlled victims. It's kind of a win-win all round.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

MI6 Paedosadists - Sir Peter Hayman

Sir Peter Telford Hayman KCMG CVO MBE, Deputy Director of MI6 and an arrested paedosadist caught with sickening pictures and a fantasy diary of raping and killing infants. The reason I share this is because it's remarkable that we also know Sir Maurice Oldfield, Director of MI6 was also a paedosadist raping boys at Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland

However, when we add in that George Bush and Bill Casey were both Directors of the CIA and into raping children, I ask you... WTF is going on when the intelligence services, the people with the license to do whatever they want are into the sadistic abuse of children? W

ho holds the strings of power and what is the controlling force behind the scenes that sets up this sickening matrix?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Trump's Mentor - Roy Cohn

I wanted to research Roy Cohn and discovered this gem of an interview. I assumed I'd judge him a loathsome New York, Jewish Criminal Lawyer but actually I quite liked him. He struck me as most definitely criminal but somehow a straight shooter.

Most people are told to think that Nixon, McCarthy and other media hate-targets are evil, but I've found that when the media smears someone repeatedly and ad nauseum, then it's the media who are covering up something, and the targets knew something the media would prefer wasn't widely known.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lord Rothschild Refuses To Insure The Titanic

Because Southampton is the home of the Titanic I stumbled across a library clue that is one of those juicy tidbits of correlation. It supports the idea the owners of the Titanic, were attempting to damage the Titanic in order to swap its sister ship the Olympia for insurance reasons, and/or to subsequently lay the ground for the creation of the Federal Reserve by drowning one side of the ruling elite.

The Titanic was involved with two collision/near collision incidents in the weeks before its maiden voyage. Her sister ship Olympic was also involved in a collision.

Then I went to the Rothschild Archives and discovered they declined to insure the ship, much like Larry Silverstein, owner of the twin towers on 9/11 who did the opposite and banked on the asbestos lined health hazard coming down in the weeks after he took out the policy.

You'd be amazed how often these ruling bloodlines luck-out when it comes to making more money or avoiding dangerous events with insured prescience that is inarguably suspicious.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Jeff Rense & Dr. Eric Karlstrom, PhD - GangStalking

I don't quite trust Dr Eric T. Karlstrom's rapid-fire delivery of information. 

It lacks the sensitivity I'm used to hearing when listening to expertise in this deeply tragic area of the human experience. However he does share an awful lot of references, including books that I haven't heard encountered before, so I have my homework cut out for me before I can claim to understand his work in a credible manner. I'm also suspicious of his claims of being a Targeted Individual (T.I.) in the past and not any more. It just doesn't work like that. Once you're in the program you're in, and there's no opt-out procedure because the deep state can't admit its involved.

One of the insidious gang stalking techniques is the deep state will co-opt neighbours by telling them the targeted individual is a child abuser, wife beater or whatever it takes to get them to join in the gang stalking thinking they're doing a service to humanity.

One thing I am clearer on now is I understand the fundamental difference between voice to skull technology and synthetic telepathy which means I find the Omnisense information I was listening to a few years ago much more credible though like any TI the perpetrators disguise their identity with masks.